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Welcome To Lebanon

After 30 years of immigration in United States, Lebanese businessman Zouheir Shmayli decided to visit Lebanon with his wife Ivonne and his daughter Anna-Maria-Bella who has never seen her mother country. Farouk, a poor funny taxi driver, will be their tourist guide during their visit. However, the tourist journey will turn into an unexpected adventure when they face the various funny Lebanese habits in different Lebanese cities and specially when the business rival of Mr. Shmayli in USA Mr. Sam Rizk hires a Lebanese gangster "Saour" in order to get rid of his enemy during his visit to Lebanon.


1h 41min
  • Seif Elsheikh Najib
  • Wissam Sabbagh
  • Pierre Jamajian
  • May Sayegh
  • Shirin abo al Ezz
  • Ziad Bourji

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